• The Material Magicians

    There’s more to printing than a click of a button. Choosing the right materials is crucial for transforming a good product into an out-of-this-world impression. That’s why Media Specialist makes a wide selection of printing materials available to you.

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  • State Of The Art

    The printing process is the most advanced it’s been since its inception. Harnessing the power of modern printing technologies, we give you a multitude of options including digital, screen, and offset printing methods.

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  • Quality And Quantity

    Who said that quality and quantity have to compete for effectiveness? With Media Specialist we can offer you both because we’ve invested in the best minds and technologies to perfect and produce every bit of your printing needs.

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  • Professional Digital Printing Services

    Media Specialist is a professional digital printing and graphic design services center that offers an array of comprehensive services such as premium photo-quality printing, outdoor wall units, vehicle wraps, banners, signs and readymade stands.

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  • Dedicated Team

    With 17 professionals under Media Specialist’s roof, you’re guaranteed to have the power of a team behind your product launch. Each of us excels in a particular field and works passionately to ensure that your experience with us is A-plus every step of the way.

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Our Services


How do you make your business stand out form the rest? A surefire way is to create an identity that defies the run of the mill stuff surrounding us. A surefire company that can pull this off is Media Specialist.

We have an incredibly talented team of graphic designers who are adept at content creation and pushing the boundaries of visual imagination. Whether you need a company logo that exudes your values or a detailed 3D render of event architecture, we put the pen to the paper and pad to realize your vision.

And think about this: Media Specialist takes your design debut one step higher by combining a talented team with our printing services under one roof. This way, bringing the brief into production becomes a bit easier for everyone.